Fairfax Image uses traditional public relations and marketing techniques — as well as a few unorthodox ones — to articulate professional identity. We work with subject matter experts in private practice to evolve a public persona that is true to you. We collaborate through a series of exercises to refine your message, your language, and the overall look-and-feel of your distinct brand presence. Together, we build a public presence that makes people feel like they already know you, helping to pre-screen for clients with the best-alignment with your services.

Your true colors are vivid — show them!

Your Message

Who are you? What is your core message? What do you want people to understand about your work? How do people choose you?

Your Visual Identity

What is the look-and-feel of your personal brand? What colors and graphics represent you? How fresh is your head shot?

Your Visibility

How do people discover you? Is your message getting shared? What is the pathway viewers take to begin working with you?